Arma Weather

Weather Preparedness

outdoor fields and trees Photographer: Shawn McGregor

Arma offers residents, visitors and businesses a clean, friendly, small town environment with a moderate climate. Being located geographically where we are, if you don't like the weather just wait a bit, it will change.

While our summers have a few hot days, and our winters have a few cold snaps. The weather is exceptionally great, but like most areas, you need to pay attention and be prepared for our changing display of seasons.


Winter Cold Alerts

Winter Storm Watch

Be Prepared

Winter Storm Watch:

  • conditions favorable for a winter storm event which is a threat to life or property.

Blizzard Watch:

  • conditions favor a blizzard event,
  • low visibility less than 1/4 mile,
  • winds of at least 35 mph or more.

Winter Weather Advisory:

  • snow of 3-5" within 12 hrs,
  • sleet up to 1/2 inch,
  • freezing rain of sleet/snow mix
  • reduced visibility blowing snow

Freezing Rain Advisory:

  • ice accumulation less than 1/4"

corn field with snow frost
Photographer Joshua Fuller - London

Winter Storm Warning

Act Immediately

Winter Storm Warning:

  • heavy snow of 6" in 12 hrs,
  • heavy snow of 8" in 24 hrs,
  • sleet of 1/2" or more.

Ice Storm Warning:

  • ice accumulation 1/4" or more.

Blizzard Warning:

  • blizzard conditions for at least 3 hours.


Summer Heat Alerts


Act Soon

Heat exhaustion if not dealt with, will lead to heat stroke. Know the signs that take place:

  • dizziness, light headed
  • thirst, extensive sweating,
  • nausea and weakness

If you believe you or someone maybe experiencing the onset of heat exhaustion, be sure to:

  • move to a cooler area,
  • loosen tight clothing,
  • sip cool water
sunflower field drying out in hot weather
Photographer Markus Winkler - Germany


Act Immediately

Heat stroke can cause death or permanent injury. Know the signs that take place:

  • confusion, unclear responses,
  • dizziness, stumbling,
  • unconsciousness

To protect yourself and others you believe are experiencing heat stroke, be sure to:

  • move individual from the heat,
  • cool with water and or ice,
  • seek medical help.


Tornado Alerts

Tornado WATCH

Be Ready

Be Ready to move to a safe place as conditions are favorable for tornadoes to occur.

When issued a tornado watch, residents should take a moment to organize and prepare for what they need to do in the event of a warning.

tornado touching down to ground
Photographer Nikolas Noonan - Windsor, Colorado


Take Action

Take Action and get to a safe place now! A tornado has been spotted or indicated on weather radar.

When issued a tornado warning, residents should be already prepared and actively taking shelter in a pre-determined safe area.

Community Shelter Locations:

Shelter 1: Arma High School